Just that little bit more.

At Snowberry we have a whole range of extras which we don’t even really consider “optional extras” and certainly don’t charge for. As far as we are concerned, these are all essential requirements of ski hire so they should be included in the cost rental cost.

Be aware that with “cheap” on-line deals elsewhere you can find that to add some of these basics in can DOUBLE the initial price!

At Snowberry there are no hidden nasty surprises!

Unlimited Changes

Change your kit as often as you like at Snowberry at no extra cost.

We were shocked when we did a bit of research recently and discovered that other shops here in Val d’Isere are charging people up to 40 euros for the privilege of being allowed to change their skis!

As far as we’re concerned, it’s part of the service so rent from us and you can change as often as you like within the same price point for NOT ONE PENNY MORE!

You can change equipment as many times as you like within the same price point or change skis to board and back again, at no additional charge.

This applies whether you want longer or shorter, are going off piste with a guide, fancy trying something different or just don’t like the first skis.

It also applies whether you have booked Premium or Low Cost and for every ability level / price point from total beginner upwards.

We also have plenty of stock and different models to be able to offer changes whenever people want to.

Mid-week Service

ANOTHER POINT TO TAKE NOTE OF! - Your SNOWBERRY skis are properly and fully serviced before EVERY rental. This includes base repair, edge sharpening, structuring, waxing and detuning.

The difference that a good service makes to the skiability of a ski is massive. A poorly serviced or unserviced ski will literally ruin your skiing and often skiers are unaware that there is a problem with the skis and it is not just 'their skiing'.

Again SNOWBERRY is one of the few shops in Val that does this, one shop even boasts that it services its skis 'once a month!!!'.

You are also welcome to bring your rental skis or board in any time during the rental period for us to freshen them up again so they’re good as new.

This is especially valuable when conditions are very icy.

The condition of your skis / board is critical to how they will perform.

Free Damage Cover


Skis do get damaged, it’s nobody’s fault, so we don’t think it’s fair to charge you for what’s more or less just wear and tear.

Break a ski and we'll replace it - FREE of charge - no questions asked. Whether it's a scratch on the topsheet, a busted edge or a ski broken totally in two, unlike other shops we don't charge you a penny for damaged or broken skis. As far as we are concerned, a broken pole is just unfortunate, but it’s wear and tear so we wouldn’t dream of charging for it!

We regularly hear of skiers being charged more than the skis even cost in the first place as a result of an accident!

All Snowberry rental includes free damage insurance, with no excess at all. You break our skis, we give you another pair. Simple as that.

No Hassle Refunds


If you rent from SNOWBERRY and return your hired equipment early for any reason whatsoever (even that you just don’t like skiing after all), we will give you a full refund for the unused rental period.

No conditions, no small print, no admin fee, no medical report needed. Because we are independent and don't work through middlemen we can do this, we control things.

Once your gear is returned we will refund you straight away giving you a full refund for the unused rental period. If you book on-line and have to cancel your trip we will also refund you straight away.

Be aware that if you book through some of the third party websites you might as well dream on if you think that you will get a refund for any of the above.

Snow Guarantee

Recently other shops have started offering the option to pay extra to insure so you get your money back if there’s not enough snow to ski. You don’t need to do this!

We give you your money back for the unused period as soon as you return the equipment to us whether it’s that there’s not enough snow, too much snow (as we all saw last season!), it’s too cold, the weather is too bad or just any other reason at all.

Cancellation Guarantee

Another common con, shops and sites won’t refund for cancellation of your hire before you arrive unless you have paid for additional insurance.

You can cancel or change your mind at any time at all right up to arrival in the shop to collect the equipment and for any reason at all and we will refund you in full, right away.

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